• <br><span><center>Miss Phenix City</center></ span><center>Hayley Barber</center>

    Miss Phenix City
    Hayley Barber
  • <br><span><center>Outstanding Teen <br>Janna Meeks</center></span>

    Outstanding Teen
    Janna Meeks
  • <span><br><center>Hayley<br>and<br>Janna</center></span>

  • <span><br>Miss<br>Top<br>Five</span>

  • <span><center><br>Outstanding Teen Top<br>Three</center></span>

    Outstanding Teen Top

Miss Phenix City 2014 — Hayley Barber

On Sunday evening, August 4th, Hayley was crowned as Miss Phenix City 2014.  Hayley is a native of Pelham, Alabama and is a Sophomore at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.


Miss Phenix City's Teen 2014 — Janna Meeks

On Sunday evening, August 4th, Janna was crowned as Miss Phenix City's Outstanding Teen 2014. Janna resides in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and is a Junior attending Hillcrest High School. She is a member of the Hillcrest Ambassadors and also a Majorette for the High School band.


2015 Pageant Paperwork

Miss and Teen pageants wlll be held on July 19, 2014 at 6pm EDT.

Paperwork must be postmarked  by July 11, 2014

As you complete your paperwork, please send the packages as follows:

Miss Pageant
Gina Harper
Director, Miss Phenix City
46 Lee Road 2123
Phenix City, AL 36867
(706) 442-6477
Miss Checklist
Miss Contestant Packet
Teen Pageant
Kerri Ledford
Director, Miss Phenix City's Outstanding Teen
1869 Bellwood Place
Auburn, AL 36832
(706) 773-0262


Teen Checklist
Teen Contestant Packet


The Miss Phenix City Pageants would not be possible without the generous support of our sponsors and community.  The sponsors below have gone above and beyond with their generous donations of money, time and in-kind gifts to the pageant. If you have a chance, please support these sponsors who give back to their community through this pageant and many other community endeavors.

  • Dr. Griff Gordy and Gordy EyeCare
  • Heritage Bank of Auburn
  • PC-RC Chamber of Commerce
  • Chattahoochee Valley Community College

Pageant Awards

2014 Outstanding Closed Preliminary Pageant
2014 Most Prizes Awarded
2014 Most Appearances
Honorable Mention:
2014 Best Website
2014 Best Choreography


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